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    Any tips for buying on ebay?

    If 2nd hand, cash on collection, inspect it carefully to make sure it is as described. Always make sure the charger and keys are with it as there are a lot of stolen bikes for sale.
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    Buying used e-bikes

    If buying a pre-used one make sure you get the battery charger and keys. Lots of stolen bikes about which don't usually have them.
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    Simon Cowell recovering from near six-hour surgery after scary e-bike crash

    Further proof that wealth and intelligence are not always related.
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    Also depends on how it split, if dropped hard enough to damage the case what condition are the cells within. Lithium cells can behave badly when angered.
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    Hill Starts

    You also need to change to a low gear before stopping, that will make getting away easier and quicker. Essential for junctions as well as hills.
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    Park Tools cover most types. have a look at:
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    Sturmey-Archer 3 speed Hub gears for crank drive Bafang

    Might just need a new cassette and chain with the gear selection set correctly. It could be a freewheel rather then a cassette.
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    BBS01B 250w 36v

    It should be possible to restore to factory settings via the advanced section of the display. Find what display you have and google for on-line instructions.
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    Halfords/Spare Batteries.

    Halfords are box shifters with partly trained monkeys holding spanners. Asking for anything unusual is never going to have a successful outcome.
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    Current Bike Theft Danger

    When I was planning my ride of the length of the Kennet & Avon canal I was warned to be particularly careful of the Bristol to Bath section, it was fine for me but there have been many cyclists mugged there.
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    no lights -- want lights

    Good quality battery LEDs front and rear? Cheap, no wiring and batteries last incredibly well.
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    Which Bafang, display & tooth choice?

    I have the DPC14 colour display, it's very easy to use and clear to read. I think I have the 46 tooth sprocket, but it's fine with a 7 speed derallier for both flat road and steep hills. I would also suggest getting the special spanner as the nuts need to be very firm and the alloy outer nut...
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    electric motorbike kits

    Would it need a countershaft closer to the swinging arm pivot to help with chain alignment and also to reduce gearing, having the motor drive on the opposite side to the chain would also correct the rotation problem. Have you looked at Endless Sphere forum, they have quite an active section on...
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    Riese and Müller Homage GT Vario - second impressions

    Needs a seperate thread really but Sustrans were very involved with 'improving' the Meon Trail. They rely on local volunteer wardens to help control vegitation growth, maybe something for local riders to consider helping with. I've cycled the Wickham/West Meon route before but it is a little far...