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    2011 ProConnect for sale

    Bike has now been sold to a Forum member.
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    Kalkhoff Pro Connect Disc 2011 e-series Electric Bicycle on Ebay

    That's the same as the one I have advertised in the Classifieds on this website except mine is medium frame and has more extras. I have placed it several times over the last couple of months with no interest shown which surprised me very much. My asking price is at £1150 so I think I will now be...
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    2011 ProConnect for sale

    2011 Kalkhoff Pro Connect for sale. It is just sitting in the garage and desperately needs a new home and loving owner. Photos available just send me a PM with your email. Located in Jarrow, Tyne and Wear. Bought from 50 cycles in Mar 2011. Disc brakes front and rear, front suspension...
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    Electric bike for sale

    Yes I still have it. It hasn't been used since the end of April when I retired. I have sent you a private message.
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    Clicking noise on Pro Connect drive sprocket/

    The motor sprocket wears quickly and leads to strange noises. It is easy to change and can be turned over to see if the noise then goes away.
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    Electric bike for sale

    2011 Kalkhoff Pro Connect Disc for sale. Bought from 50 cycles in Mar 2011. Disc brakes front and rear, front suspension. Suspension seat post. Excellent front and rear hub dynamo lights. Battery is showing all 5 lights. medium frame size. Fitted with Schwalbe Marathon plus tyres. Extras...
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    What tyres do I buy?

    Exactly what happened to me. You can't beat Marathon Plus.
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    Here is some feedback which might not be appreciated by some! I had a lot of trouble finding the right saddle when I started cycling about 7 years ago. It is very important to get the right type of saddle and also to have it set-up correctly. I had a lot of discomfort initially as I had the seat...
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    Selling a used ebike isn't easy!

    I only bought it to beat the traffic jams when going to and from work. It was only 6 miles each way but the bike halved the time taken. I'm not the slightest bit interested in cycling for fun and would rather walk.
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    Selling a used ebike isn't easy!

    The bike has the 18A battery which has all 5 lights on. Problem about this size battery is that no one knows how long they are going to last!
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    Selling a used ebike isn't easy!

    I haven't sold anything on ebay before. I bought something off it last week but the last minute bidding got a bit frantic as the time started to run out. I think I paid about £1900 for the PC Disc last March. Is £1250 a reasonable ask?
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    Selling a used ebike isn't easy!

    I thought that I would easily sell my 12 month old Proconnect Disc when I retired recently but even though there have been hundreds of views in the classifieds on this website I haven't had a single reply. At £1250 ovno it seems a bargain to me. How should I calculate its value? Are there any...
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    I bought one a few years ago. I used it when a car turned sharp left in front of me and he nearly went of the road. Also used it at a taxi driver with his car parked over the cycle lane and he went off it sounding his horn repeatedly as I disappeared down the road. He had been waiting for some...
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    2011 Pro Connect Disc for sale

    2011 Kalkhoff Pro Connect Disc for sale. Bought from 50 cycles in Mar 2011. It has only been used to cycle too and from work (6 miles each way). Reason for selling is that I am retiring next week and will no longer be needing it as I am giving up cycling. Battery is still showing all lights...
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    ProConnect Disc problem again

    Update on the sprocket noise. I finally got round to changing just the 11T motor sprocket this afternoon and what a difference it makes. The one I took off has wear on the teeth but just on one side so it would be possible to flip it over and reuse it. I'm very surprised at how easy it was to fix.