1. A

    Bafang BBS02 750w Shimano Alfine Di2 Boardman Hybrid Pro di2 e-bike electric bike Review

    Review of the Bafang BBS02 750w Shimano Alfine Di2 Boardman Hybrid Pro di2 ebike
  2. Rutland Cycling

    Great stock on Giant electric bikes!

    We have some great deals on Giant electric bikes at the moment, and great availability on sizing! If you're looking for an e-bike ahead of the summer, definitely worth checking these out. Plus there's 0% finance available on selected models so it's even easier to spread the cost. Have any...
  3. J

    Hi - I have joined this forum because I really need help

    Hi I used to cycle a fair amount when I was younger. I am now late 50's and not as fit. I am Horse riding fit rather than cycling fit. I also live on top of the North Downs. Every ride I go on means that I have a very long hill on my way home. I am also recovering fitness after Chemo...
  4. Abi-Abster

    Which Off-road/ Hybrid for disabled speedster?

    TL;DR: Pedal-free, off-road/ hybrid bike (available on Finance) needed for disabled person (5’9” weighing up to 11st) who likes to go up big hills and dirt tracks. And speed. Evening All! My legs don’t work so well, so I’m looking for an off-road or hybrid bike which doesn’t require me to...
  5. Abi-Abster

    Disabled off-road cycling enthusiast

    Hello! I’m Abi, living in the environs of Brighton with my husband and kids. I love, love, LOVE cycling, but haven’t been able to do it for years due to ME, Fibromyalgia and chronic pain (which gets worse with exercise). I used to be a gym bunny and regular swimmer too, but have been...
  6. E

    Corratec E-29ER Cross 2012 57cm Gray Green

    As new Corratec E-29ER cross 57cm, hardly used. If you’ve been a member for a while you may recall ElongatedJohn, my Father, who enjoyed the forum and bought the bike in late 2012. Sadly he passed away after a short illness in early 2013. The tyres didn’t even get dirty. It’s been sat...