40% off Wisper show ex demo bikes

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Apr 11, 2007
Sevenoaks Kent

We are selling off our Wisper demo bikes with new 575Wh we do this every year at the start of the season to replace them with new ones.

We only have ten and when they're gone they're gone.

Excellent value at 40% off FULL retail price. (For avoidance of any doubt, this is not 40% off our sale prices)

1 x 705t 26" red
1 x 705se 26"black
1 x 705se 24" blue
1 x 705se 24" red
3 x Wayfarer H7 blue (450Wh)
1 x Wayfarer H9 red (450Wh)
1 x 806se black
1 x 905se black

For details and specs please see...


If you are interested please drop tim@wisperbikes.com an email for details.

All the best, David
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