Arrrg where do I get a new battery?


Sep 1, 2018
Hi all, I'm after some advice on replacement batteries for a Haibike sduro allmtn rc 2015 model as the battery BMS has given up. Trying a battery from a local shop shows the bike motor / display works so a new battery is required......but not £750 price!

I ordered one of these as it looked a perfect match,15269-36v-li-ion-13ah-akkutyp-yamaha-winora-y280-x-haibike-sduro-3052351243985.html

It arrived but doesn't work, nothing on display and 17v DC on +/- pins. I also took it to local bike shop and it didn't work on their shop bike, so it goes back.
I called allbatteries in UK and they say they don't have anything compatible with my bike.
The battery I have shows the following info..
36v 11ah 400w ( would like bigger capacity,)
PASB2, B94-20 & X94-20.

What's a compatible battery for my bike, hope someone know.....


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