Help! Bosch battery not charging to 100%


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Apr 15, 2019
I have a Bosch Performance line CX with dual Batteries. On the Bosch Nyon display it will charge only to 95% overnight when I plug it in again in the morning it charges to 100%.
Once it charged to 100% so I left it plugged in overnight and in the morning it was at 96%.
I noticed sometime it doesn't stop charging and the lights don't go out as they should.
Any Ideas would be welcome, no one seems to have come up with a solution.
I have tried reseting the batteries, to no avail.
Nothing to do with temperature because I have another bike with the same batteries and it charges to 100% every time.
Nothing to do with the charger, I swapped that to a different one.


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Aug 7, 2014
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Weaker cells/ groups will bleed back a little or maybe the BMS only allowing 95% charge and bleeding cells back.
Only Bosch/Dealer can test load the battery for you, as long as it remains at 95% then not a lot to worry about.