Bosch motor/display cutting out.


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May 23, 2015
I'm writing because I've had an identical sequence of problems to those reported in previous posts. My bike is a cube touring hybrid. The problems included Intuvia not starting and bumps in the road causing cut-outs sometimes multiple times a ride. This thread has been hugely useful and I hope that I've now solved my problem. I loosened the bolts on the Intuvia mount and could see under the unit. There you'll find a small number of very tiny screws that connect the Intuvia to the rest of the system. I found that all of mine were a quarter to a half turn from tight. I tightened them up and then retightened the mount (while making sure it wasn't too tight). Since then (100 miles), I have had no problem. This may not be the case for everyone, but it may be worth checking it out.
that display has a internal batt soldered to the pcb and they start to stop working when 3-4 years old as wont hold a charge anymore.


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