Carbo folding ebikes

John Galvin

May 14, 2014

Looking for a cousin who wants a folding electric bike. I've built one before around five years ago and I'd love to build one again but
she lives on the other side of the country so there's no way I could offer support. (Insert obligatory picture here!)


I had a look around at electric folders and there doesn't seem to have been much progress in the last five years, bar the eventual appearance
of the electric Brompton.
Then I came across the Carbo and it seems to tick a lot of boxes. The problem is it seems to have been crowdfunded about two years ago
and I can't really find anything current about it. They have responded to queries as if they are shipping the bike normally but I'm still a
bit wary. Does anyone know anything about them? Are they shipping? Has anyone experience of them in the flesh?


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