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Jan 10, 2019
Has anybody tried out the c62 Cube e bike, not the SL model at £4500, the one priced £3500 or any other bike with the Fazua motor. £3500 would be my limit. I’m looking for info on how the Fazua motor copes with long steep hills.


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May 1, 2018
North Wales
I tried out the mid priced one with the Ultegra group set. This was a few months ago, I think it was around the £4000 mark. I liked it a lot, but the motor was not powerful enough for me up the many steep hills I have in my area. Although the motor is supposed to be rated at I think 65 Nm or similar, my 50 Nm Bosch motor on my Cannondale Neo was much better at getting me up steep hills.

Now I admit this may be down to my riding style, the shop told me to get the best out of the Fazua motor on the hills one really needs to be out of the saddle and really stamping on the pedals. Really going for it was how they told me. Now this is not how I can ride up hills anymore, I tend to put it in a really low gear and spin a fairly high cadence. This did not seem to work too well with the Fazua but works great with the Bosch.

If you intend on riding up some fairly steep hills (greater than 20%) then I suggest you try out the Cube on them before you part with any money.

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Aug 7, 2010
Hi Inveral, Being designed for eroad the Fazua system is light and compact and there is a performance penalty for this relative to the Bosch systems. Bosch also refer to the continuous maximum torque the motor can provide. Several system manufacturers refer to the peak torque which may only be sustainable for a very short time. There are no rules regarding the duration a system can sustain a torque output before it can be marketed as being an X-Nm system.
The Fazua system works really well. If you normally ride a road bike then you are more likely to feel that this system is built with you in mind and offers great assistance on long steep climbs. The motor decoupling with ensure your descents are as exhilarating as usual.
See our review here:

Hope that helps.

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