do expensive sunglasses make any difference to cheap ones.


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Feb 21, 2020
He he, it's like many consumer products eg iPhone, Oakley and so on, many just like to feel their money has been well spent and claim product superiority and can always find something on the Internet to confirm their choice / rubbish the cheaper stuff.

I can't remember the marketing term for it, but it's down to branding - take a look at the sports shoe market - geez, there's a vintage market for old sports shoes now.

I get it that people like to spend their hard earned on top brands but to claim a top brand is better than a lesser one is never easy to show either way.
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Apr 13, 2020
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I wear sunglasses most of the time:
Stops dust etc.
My eyes are sensitive to bright light

I prefer good quality lenses, no need to be expensive - my backup pair are bolle tinted safety specs from screwbfix for £10.
My priority is no distortion, some cheap lenses just feel “wrong”.

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