Feb 12, 2019
Hello ,

So I'm considering buying an e-bike.
Budget would up to £1500 , I would expect to use it a quite often as I want to cycle to work since its only 3miles away and I live in zero snow area.
I read that you can get them on something similar like cycle 2 work , if someone can give advice on that as well.
Feb 12, 2019
Oh nice , i just checked online and that shop is part green commute.
If anyone bought a bike using that scheme , can give me some advice how to do it.
Jun 8, 2018
Cube make nice bikes, a couple of neighbours have them and they look and feel well made.

The Halfords Crosspath is also very good value right now at £1280.
(I think there are other frame styles?) You can get 10% discount with Cycle UK and one or two similar clubs ... probably worth the annual subscription. Make sure you get the discount code ready, just having a card is not enough as I discovered yesterday, luckily on a £6.99 purchase so just 70p lost.

Don't get confused with the Crossfire (£1200) which has given lots of people lots of headaches (see elsewhere on the forum). Crossfuse is also well rated, but showing £1600 online, I thought I saw one for £1280 in the local Halfords yesterday, but I wasn't looking carefully so probably wrong.