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Aug 17, 2006
Despite efforts led by LEVA- EU to argue that the claimed injury to EU producers was unsubstantiated, the EU has today rubber stamped up to 79.3% combined anti-dumping and anti-subsidy duties on e-bike imports from China.
Following the announcement in the EU Official Journal, Annick Roetynck of LEVA said: “This is a deeply regrettable Commission decision, which goes directly against all the efforts of that very same Commission to achieve the EU’s climate goals. What’s more, it is also punishing the European citizens by limiting the offer of electric bicycles, which are bound to increase in price, just as European citizens start to embrace light electric mobility. The duties [will] also have a devastating impact on a large number of European SMEs, whose livelihoods depend on the assembly e-bikes in China.”
Roetnyck today called the duties “unfounded, protectionist, unfair and absurd.”  The...
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