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Finding my (electric) wheels
Mar 30, 2019
Greetings from canada

Have a cube reaction 500 2018..Had it in for it's first major tuneup last week..Did 42km on it yesterday and I just felt that the assist wasn't there as much as before the tuneup and firmware update. I have a steep hill in my ride and usually did it in EMTB..yesterday it took me turbo to get up it as EMTB didn't feel like it was assisting at all. Never know maybe my fitness level fell over the past month when I wasn't riding due to the weather. Not convinced it's that.

has anyone else updated to the latest firmware and noticed any changes in assistance

last question..can the firmware be downgraded to my previous version which was great

Calgary, Canada

Fat Rat

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Jun 7, 2018
I know personally if i had a month off the bike it takes i good week of cycling to get back the fitness from before
I can feel a difference after 2 weeks not that it happens very often
As for the update i dont know anything about that sorry


Finding my (electric) wheels
Feb 3, 2019
In the German pedelc forum it has been some discussion about firmware
PowerPack:, Drive Unit: and Drive Unit: The discussion has been about the range calculactions and Bosch confirms that here has been changes.
If you read theese threads there are more info. Some says that Drive Unit: has been withdrawned. But as you can see it's till on the Bosch overview.ür-motor-und-akku.26850/page-18

I'm hesitating upgrading to 1.8.X.X before before more clarifacation of what this actually means.


Finding my (electric) wheels
Mar 30, 2019
really interesting..will have a look at those links..Thanks for posting them


Finding my (electric) wheels
Mar 30, 2019
through google translate, it sure seems like they are having the same problems as we are in North America. One of my biggest concerns is how rapidly the battery seems to deplete. Actually had to ride my last km without assistance last week
Feb 11, 2015
Culloden Moor Inverness
I think you'r right..Yesterday did 20km's and felt better..Bike still creaks when I pedal and not when coast so will have to get that looked at. As for finding the latest firmware, found a Bosch site that lists..Here it is
I hope Giant get to updating their software too, as I have just ordered a Trance Pro E+3 and by all accounts the rider one link to a smart phone is anything but!

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