Good Ebike Shops- A Guide


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Aug 31, 2012
True .
I did research online and had called into Halfords plus a couple of other bike shops . I then went to Race Co Cycles at Stourbridge. I must confess my first impression was that this wasn't the right place for me. They are very into top end full Susser MTBs but I was a little old bloke wanting to ride simple trails. Nevertheless I spoke with the guys in the shop and they were incredibly helpful and gave me what, in the light of experience since my purchase, was excellent advice . They didn't try to sell me something fantastic which was way beyond my needs but gave me down to earth advice which is why I bought my Acid hybrid from them.
Post # 30 (above) from Chris M has set me thinking.

I know there is an ebike dealer search on here, but it is not enough in my opinion:

For example, neither of my local ebike shops is even listed on here for starters, let alone whether anybody can recommend them or not. I can recommend both, as it happens.

Also missing from an ebike dealer search in Stourbridge is Race Co Cycles which earned glowing praise from Chris M.

In an ideal world we could do with something like Honest John’s “Good Garage Guide” where you enter your postcode and see if there have been recommendations for a particular local garage:

I think what is needed is for pedelecers on here to submit recommendations for ebike shops, in their local area and elsewhere, where they have had good treatment for sales and/or service.

A simple list based on geographical area would suffice initially. It does not need the sophistication of the “Good Garage Guide”.

What do others think?
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Andy McNish

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Nov 28, 2018
I can recommend the Cycle Depot in Halifax and North West Mountain Bike Centre in Cheadle, Stockport to start off with.


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Feb 27, 2019
Urban Ebikes have always been very friendly & helpful when I've contacted them. Stock a good range of European bikes, including QWIC and the hugely pricey Stromer.

Based in East Sussex:

Had really good after care support, any issues I had they sorted promptly.

Having a full directory like HonestJohn would be great but often comes down to who is most active on there / who pays the most. Would need to be community led, but then requires people to put in a little bit of work which is often harder than it sounds :)


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Aug 17, 2006
.....I know there is an ebike dealer search on here, but it is not enough in my opinion:
I'm currently testing another 'dealer search' software product at the moment which has the ability to store a lot more information about a dealer and also includes the ability to leave reviews.

I'll make a demo available soon if anyone would be happy to provide feedback.

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