Haibike Yamaha - battery replacement options


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May 21, 2017
If it's this battery your considering then you will be able to charge it using the charger that came with your bike. I have been using one of these batteries for 2 years and have had no problems and it's still performing well.
I'd just like to add:
I also bought one of those for the wife's ebike around 2 years ago, and it also is still performing well. (touching wood!)

However as the battery LEDs never ever extinguish at the end of the charge, I was a bit worried, so I stuck a wattmeter between the mains and the charger to see what was going on (and whether it was continually pumping current into the battery).
What I've found is that the LED's will stop flashing, and it will LOOK as if its finished the charge fairly quickly, however it does this with (I forget the exact figure), something like 20 or 30 watts still being drawn by the charger. Over a period of another few hours, the wattage will slowly ramp down, and stabilise at around 6w (and stick at this level forever).
So it looks as if the battery either is doing some final trickle charging, or more likely, its this last stage when the cell balancing is happening. If it is the latter, then its possible switching the charger off before its actually finished the full charge (even though it LOOKS as if its finished!) could eventually end up with a problem and maybe even cause the battery to go faulty or drastically lose capacity.
With only 6w final draw, I don't think there is any danger, and I'd be tempted to advise making sure you leave these batteries charging for MUCH longer than you would normally do - maybe overnight, on a fairly regular basis to make sure they remain balanced.
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Nov 14, 2018
If it's this battery your considering then you will be able to charge it using the charger that came with your bike. I have been using one of these batteries for 2 years and have had no problems and it's still performing well. View attachment 33983
OK thanks, but how do you charge it, if it has no charging socket? Yes I have a charger, are they saying you have to have your own charger, but it is lost in translation.


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Nov 7, 2015
My own original 400Wh Yamaha battery from my Haibike sDuro Hardseven has just turned five years old and still performing well as it enters its sixth year. I only use the Haibike to ride to work and back.

I am not planning to work now much beyond April 2021, so there is now every reason to believe this battery can last the distance! I do not think I was expecting that when I bought the bike in March 2015.

I am on my second motor after the first one was replaced after I had owned the bike two years under warranty fortunately. So for me the battery has been more durable than the motor. Though in truth that first motor only needed new bearings after water ingress, probably when washing the bike rather than riding it, so I am now careful to keep water away from any bearings as much as possible.

I also had to replace the connectors myself on my battery and charger in April 2018 after 8.932 miles or buy a new battery and charger. Luckily I managed to do that myself.

Roughly a return journey to work is half a gallon of petrol, so it has undoubtedly saved some money I would have spent on fuel, but I did not get it to save money, but more to enjoy riding a mountain bike cross country to work and get some much needed exercise.

Riding a crank drive bike off road means that there are plenty of regular maintenance tasks to perform and consumable parts to buy, and as we all know, bike bits are not cheap any more.

I have not used the bike as much this year but the total mileage for my bike is now 11,818 miles.

I am really interested now to see how long and far this original battery will take me!
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Mar 24, 2020
Yes, I would like a bigger wattage battery, who will be first to buy one and report back.
Some customer feedback (in german) https://www.akkushop.de/de/power-pack-fuer-yamaha-pw-x-und-pw-series-se-te-rahmen-unterrohr-36-volt-207ah-max.-745wh/

No real news about performance yet but the charging plug does not lock-on so there is a little problem with it.

I have original 400Wh battery and I can ride my 29er about 30km offroad or 40km onroad with it (or 1-2 hours). This is with high speed / STD setting on Yamaha. The battery is one year old, performs as new but the 400Wh is a bit limiting. My bike does not have speed restriction so the mileage is poor due to fast speeds. With the limiter I think the range was 60-100km so the difference is huge regarding energy consumption.

If the 745Wh is really 745 then it should be possible to drive ~55km offroad/ 74km onroad (or +2hours) :)
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