How cheap can you get a second hand *speed bike*?


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Nov 11, 2019
How cheap can you get a second hand one? Cheap side of Stromers and Kalkhoffs (sic lol?), or another brand entirely is fine of course.

Also, are the prices likely to come down? (Subsidisation and all due the environment, plus more competition between companies building them).


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Jun 8, 2018
Situation with speed bikes is odd because of their need to have registration, licence and in particular insurance, and also the fact that they are illegal off-road in any public place (bike path, bridleway etc). This makes them quite unattractive as a bicycle alternative. As there are relatively few (and even fewer being ridden legally) it is an insurance niche that is very poorly covered, and I gather pretty expensive when you do find it.

Nevertheless they clearly have a role to play, especially for commuting. It's a bit chicken and egg; when there are more, and it is easy to establish which profile of riders is riding them responsibly, then insurance will become easier and cheaper. Then more people will buy them, so the bikes will become cheaper (even without subsidy). I can't see subsidy coming until they are more established than they are, or even any significant relaxation in the rules relating to them.


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Jun 12, 2011
It's quite expensive to insure a registered electric bike, if you can find anyone that'll insure it, so if your plan was to get one and ride it legally, there isn't really any sense in getting one when a 50cc moped would be cheaper in all respects and they can do 200 mpg, so the cost of fuel would be a lot less than the cost of a replacement batteries.

If you just want a fast electric bike to ride illegally or on private land, most electric bikes can be adjusted in some way, so you don't really need a speed pedelec. Many speed pedelecs are the same as the 15 mph versions, but with different software or different settings in the software.
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