Help! I'd like to get Fiido D4S


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The batteries are built into the frames - how easy are the batteries to replace in Fiidos?


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Nov 2, 2016
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Do you know any more about this new warehouse? I ordered a Fiido from Banggood on 4th January and since then nothing... I contact customer service once a week and they keep asking me to wait until they're back in stock. When I check the same bike (D4S) with an EU VPN it shows as "in stock" but when I connect with my own IP it's constantly "restocking". I wonder how much longer it'll take them to get set up to ship to the UK... Other websites seem to have the same issue and don't offer shipping to the UK for the time being... Any advice on how to speed things up will be much appreciated, can't wait for this bike! I heard lots of good things about it.
It looks like Fiido's UK stock has arrived at last. You can order direct from Fiido's own site. The D4S is £504.99, but they're adding 20% VAT on at the checkout, which makes it 604.80. But that's still a LOT cheaper than the inflated price Markshop were showing.