Kryptonite Good Service


Esteemed Pedelecer
Nov 7, 2015
I bought this kryptonite U lock in 2010. Recently the key fractured leaving about half its length in the lock. I have placed the broken key next to a good one so that you can see the portion that broke off.

Kryptonite Pedelec 09 11 19 002.JPG

A friendly locksmith managed to remove the part that had broken off in the lock.

I had a spar key but wanted at least one more. I went on the kryptonite website and found that if I provided them with the key number they would send me two replacement keys free of charge. I got an acknowledgement email and then two keys arrived, free of charge in the post with a zero cost invoice.

kryptonite invoice pedelec 09 11 19 003.JPG

I think this is very good service nearly ten years after I bought the lock. I am not sure if other lock providers for bicycles provide the same service, but well done to kryptonite. If you are contemplating buying a quality lock of this type I would check whether they offer the same replacement key service, as it could mean you do not need to buy another expensive lock or indeed be out of pocket in any way if you lose the keys.