Looking for a lightweight folding e-bike?


May 28, 2017
Thank you all for your lovely replies. As much as I love the look of the Brompton, there were some significant issues with adding the electric system as it stands. Brompton have a 'no internet sales' policy, so I couldn't buy one from an online shop that I could purchase the bike AND the motor from without being able to collect it in person. They are all too far away. I am also a single girl that owns a toolkit that comprises one screwdriver and a hammer, so I wouldn't have the confidence to fit it myself, let alone widen the front forks. Plus it invalidates the warranty and I couldn't justify adding £700-900 to the cost of the bike and invalidating the warranty in the process.

Soooo..I dont need the bike to fold small to commute, I just need to fold it small to store at home. So I have bought the Rayleigh Stow-E-way, which fits the bill and is comfortable to ride with 20" wheels, its currently folded up under my stairs whilst I wait for a bike lock to arrive. Its the 2017 version, which is matt black with orange decals, so my son also feels comfortable taking it out and about too.

Perhaps when the E-Brompton comes out officially, I might be able to upgrade to that at some point. I will have one, one day :):cool:
Hi :)

I have been looking at this bike as an option among others.
Frankly, the 6.8Ah Battery :eek: is a bit off putting.
May I ask, how is this bike holding up for you?
I am looking to commute 14 miles each way, "stowing" it away under a desk and don't have to worry about security. :oops:
May I ask, have you considered any other option when going for this? Would you recommend this Raleigh to someone else? :rolleyes:


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Feb 16, 2018
The Swagtron electric bike is a solid bet! Swagtron is also having a sale at the moment. If you're looking for a different price point check out the recertified version of the Foldable E-Bike.
Feb 11, 2015
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I think you're on a hiding to nothing. A non-electric folder is hard enough to get in the back of a car on your own, let alone an electric one.

Much better would be to get a towball rack fitted to your car. It's dead easy to carry a bike anywhere then, and you can have whatever ebike takes your fancy.
I have a Witter bike rack that attaches with a plate bolted behind the tow ball. Means it can still be used when towing...try to avoid those max lock turns though! Generally rear racks are a pain if your bike does not have a normal crossbar. My Giant frames were too tight and had to fork out more buying adjustable False crossbars. Which can scratch the handle bars on a long holiday. They also got very grubby! But normally they fit inside my Berlingo.
Much safer too in theft hotspots!

Phil Forde

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Oct 7, 2017
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Hi all
My last posts were in 2012 :rolleyes: when I had purchased a Rayleigh Velo Trail through the Cyclescheme. Well that has been and gone and although I loved how the pedal assist just gently edged in (none of that horrid jerk forward when the motor kicks in) it was just so incredibly heavy and the battery on the rear made it feel rather unbalanced. Eventually I gave up riding it, the dead weight battery started to give out and it has now been sold.

So I am now looking for something new and I wondered if I could have some advice please as I have been searching for what seems like weeks! My main issue appears to be finding a small folder that is also a pedelec.

My requirements:
I am asthmatic so a pedelec is a must, not really interested in the throttle, but dont want that jerk forward like you find with the Freego type.

It MUST be foldable, reasonably light and as a girl who trips over most things, a low stepover. I have hardly any storage space so my ideal would be an electric Brompton, but I have tried a normal Brompton out today but it feels like I am going to go over the front handlebars.

I would like it to be able to be small enough for me to lift it to sit on the back seat of a car (I have a dog crate in the boot).

I will be riding on tarmac or compacted chippings on canal towpaths for pleasure and to get fitter. Dont need particularly long range as I live 25meters from the towpath!

Budget up to £2500 max

I have discounted Freego, Rayleigh Stow-e-way (cant find any reviews on this one and all the ones online are on sale) Halfords ones as they are extremely heavy and look like they are made of iron girders, I am a girl after all. :p

I have gocycle gs,- light folds, low step,
wonderful to ride, and costs 2500. Perfect.

Francis Albert

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Mar 19, 2018
I have a Mate. folding bike but it's so heavy it really cannot be considered portable.
Walking around with it really isn't possible,unlike the ads they promote and I can't even stick it in my fiesta boot without both the back seats going down but foldabilty was low on my list so not too bothered.


Oct 5, 2016
Co Durham
Perhaps when the E-Brompton comes out officially, I might be able to upgrade to that at some point. I will have one, one day :):cool:
I had a full sized KTM then a Cube ebike. I found them too heavy so bought a non electric Brompton. Two months after buying the Brompton I got an invitation to go on the waiting list for an electric Brompton. I went on the list and this photo shows the result!

I’ve Only ridden 20 miles on the electric one and will do a full report when I’ve got used to it...... my only real complaint so far is it’s only available in black or white and as you see from the photo I like bright colours!!

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