Many fixes for Carrera vengeance, crossfire etc.


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Jul 5, 2021
I haven't been able to log on in my name which is micmav and have had to use my kids friends log to give you all the info I've gleaned over the past 6 months using said Carrera.
Treacle pedaling fixed by cutting black wire from torque sensor and solder a switch in-between when switched off there's no resistance from motor.... Like riding normal bike.
Cutting out problem fixed by putting big zip ties around battery casing to stop any loose movement.
And finally most crank sensors break but careful application of epoxy resin can fix for good. Infrared is used in electric/mechanical torque sensor inside chain sprocket...needs to be kept clean of mud and grit.
I hope this helps a lot of you who keep having problems with your bike. I'll post more if and when I can manage to login to this forum properly.
Happy E Biking in the meantime.!!!

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