My first Pedelec


Finding my (electric) wheels
Apr 12, 2008
Hi All
Well I just got my first pedelec.
I changed my original ideas, after some good advice from the experts here, and bought a used, well known brand as a first step, instead of a kit or self build.
I found a nearly new, good condition, Giant Suede for not much more than an e-bay import or kit.
I got it from Hilderthorpe Cycles and their support and assistance so far has been great.

The build quality of everything I can see is very good and there is nothing to rust at all. All of the features I need are there and the electric parts and harness are neatly encased.
I know the Suede is not the 'pick of the crop' here but it will get me started, at a price that will allow me to tinker with it later.

The power on demand modification from andrewelecricbike1 looks particularly interesting!

The Sanyo motor drag hopefully won't be a problem as I will only use the Suede unassisted in an emergency.

The battery life seems to be the only potential future problem, based on comments here and elsewhere, but the battery box is large so hopefully I will be able to fit newer technology or better quality cells in there when the need arises.
My Suede has a new battery so hopefully I will get a reasonable life from it.

The bike weighs 20kg without battery, only 4kg more than my old Raleigh push bike. This is important as it will be strapped to the back of my motorhome. The battery will be charged in the 'van using an inverter while I drive around, or on-site at night.
I take a bike with me when I travel in my motorhome, which I do quite a lot, so my forthcoming eight week trip to France and Spain should give it a good test. Tough work but somebodies got to do it!

I'll let you know how I get on.
Thanks for all you help.


Jan 31, 2008
High in the Northern Pennines
Foreign parts

if by any chance your 8 week trip takes you anywhere near Camping Monfrague in Extremadura, Spain look me up. I will be there from 28 May for the summer and will have with me my first pedelec, new this week. Could be a chance to compare notes


May 10, 2007
Isle of Man
Welcome to Suede ownership, Greytop. I've had mine for two and a half years now and despite some niggles I've found it an excellent introduction to electric bikes. I use it most days and still get a huge amount of pleasure from it.


Finding my (electric) wheels
Apr 12, 2008
Thanks to both of you for your comments. I am looking forward to seriously trying my Suede.

To davidw
I won't be going that far south, unless its very bad weather in Galicia, so won't be able to meet up this trip.

Which bike did you buy?
Lets both keep notes on how e bikes work out for motorhomers from all aspects.
It could be very interesting.

Have a great time.


Esteemed Pedelecer
Sep 24, 2007
Welcome to suede ownership greytop,i had a suede for 12 months and had great fun with it,it helped pull me up some steep hills and i think it is very underrated,the poor reviews made me think it was one of the poorest performers available and made me look for something better, but after trying many other electric bikes out,i think it really is a decent performer,apart from the drag from the hub when cycling without power it is equall to most other electric bikes.