Neo Cross Review After 2000km


Mar 19, 2011
Here's my 'review' of the BH Emotion Neo Cross; the bike seller and service provided after 2000km.
The bike is exactly as it was after 1000km. (see link to review below).

I can't add or change anything to that review - the bike is a dream and I love it.


Neo Cross Review After 1000km


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I have had the neo cross bike for over a year and found it very reliable and fantastic on hills, however my bike has regenerative braking but no throttle, the bike types must vary between countries. the last week i have planned to buy custom essays online due to my lack of academic writing skills. I completed my essay with the same topic that is neo cross.
The only problems I have had is with the torque sensor, I think the problem is when you bounce around (jumping of kerbs etc.) it slackens the Allan screws on the sensor.
To repair just tighten the screw usually only 1/8 turn, it you go to far it turns the bike into full throttle bike, which only stops when you brake, then when you release the brakes the bike takes off at full throttle.
This was the only problem I’ve had in over a years use.

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however my bike has regenerative braking but no throttle
That's not possible with the geared hub-motors that were/are used on the Neo Cross. When you apply the brake, it cuts the power to the motor and switches on a segment of the LCD that says "regen". That's all. It's a swizz!
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Please send me a custom essay on the Neo Cross. I could do with a laugh.
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Jun 12, 2011
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