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alan from eston

Finding my (electric) wheels
Oct 28, 2014
Hello fellow E-bikers, I only discovered e bikes at the caravan show two weeks ago and decided i would get a couple of kits for me and the missus, We are both old codgers in our late sixties and dodgy hips and knees are making walking any distance for exercise difficult, we already have a pair of bikes we got from Halfords around six years back and only used a couple of times due to the hilly terrain in our area so discovering electric kits seemed to be the answer to getting us back on the bikes.
After a bit of research i ordered a couple of kits, but the kits didn't work and according to the supplier it was because i had fitted the pas sensor on the left hand side cos there was no room behind the triple chainwheel, i thought i should have got power using the throttle alone but anyway the seller said it would not work without the pas on the right hand side so i had to send them back for a refund.

So after asking some questions of other suppliers i have ordered a couple of kits from Pro rider mobility mainly based on price and the warranty, they should be here within the next couple of days and hopefully we can be out at the weekend.
Anyway enough of my ramble and hopefully i may have some useful info to contribute in the future.


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Nov 5, 2013
many people have the pas mounted on the left side of the bike. you have to turn the disc so that the arrow is facing the back of the bike.
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