Orbea Gain D40 2x8 Claris for sale, Small (£1,400)


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Oct 15, 2018
Hey guys. I am selling my Orbea Gain D40. I've had this bike since April 2018, and it is awesome. Got it mainly for commuting, but it got me into road cycling. Now that I've got into road cycling, I've bought a skinny road bike and want to add to the collection with a fat gravel bike. Sadly this means selling something from the stable. Hence parting with the Gain.

Here is the link to my ebay page for it. I hope I'm not breaking any forum etiquette here. I'm selling it for £1,400, and starting bidding at £1,000. It was £1,800 new. Absolutely loved the bike, and owe it for getting me into long rides. But not enough room in the house.

Happy to reply to questions about Orbea Gains in general, and write about what my take is on the whole road e-bike thing. I previously owned a big Moustache Lundi Bosch powered e-bike. It was 25 kg of awesomeness, which unfortunately was stolen. I've also tried the Brompton Electric, and a few other e-bikes.