Parallel batteries


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Apr 20, 2020
This is the approach I've always taken. It's no big deal to charge both batteries before connecting. Why would you want to use a half-charged one if you're going on a journey that needs two batteries?
It's whatever you feel most comfortable with. But there are advantages to the diode setup, it gives you flexibility.

You could charge one pack at a time and not have to worry about things. Eg, if you are on a trip, you only have one charger and can spend an hour or so recharging one pack in say a coffee shop. You can take more advantage of opportunistic charging in this way.


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Aug 7, 2014
West Sx RH
For a touring cyclcist is makes sense.
For a day rider who might rides 100 odd miles using a pair of batteries one would surely have planned the ride and made sure before the off they are charged.