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Nov 5, 2013
I am fitting a pas sensor and disk, I have read d8veh`s article on this, and I know it is quite simple.
I am fitting it on the left side, and d8veh mentions turning the sensor by unscrewing it, I do not think this one can be turned if required, as it has a led light on it.
I assume it is fitted with the led facing the magnet disc, or the led would be useless.
just wanted a bit of confirmation.

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May 20, 2012
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I'm fairly sure he meant you to reverse the magnet ring, but check it works when you turn the cranks Forwards, before tightening everything up.

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You only need to swap the sensor to the other side of its bracket if you want to fit it to a Hollowtech crank because it needs to reach forward.On a square taper crank or Octalink, it needs to reach backwards as shown in your photo.

If you fit it on the left side and have a square taper crank, you only have to flip the magnet disc so that it rotates the opposite way to the arrows on it.