Power trips after replacing light - Cube Hybrid Touring


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Feb 17, 2020

I have a Cube Hybrid Touring Pro 400.

My front light, Blueline 30-e, got damaged so I have fitted an exact replacement (same model number). But as soon as i turn on the lights the electrics trip and the bike switches off. I then cant turn it back on until I disconnect the light.

All I have done is disconnect the old clips and reconnect the new ones.

For information my head unit display hasn't worked properly for over a year, i can see the lights symbol but the rest of the display doesn't display anything that makes sense. The bike still works fine however so I don't think that's anything to do with it.

Can anyone advise why these might be occurring. Please don tell me the computer knows its a different light and is going to make me go to a shop!

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