Purchased a 2018 Cube Reaction Race 500


Finding my (electric) wheels
Aug 16, 2018
Hi Soundwave
I am not planning on buying a dongle so not a problem for me.

Just read the thread and thought I would recount what the dealer said. Thought it might be useful info.


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May 23, 2015
well unless ur real name is robbie bear and you post pics of ur bike stating you use a dongle like me you wont have a problem where you get one from.

just with a dongle you can use lower power modes and not have the 15mph cut off.

tho if you use full power mode this will half the range of the batt but my 2014 batt has lost about 23% from new range wise.


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Jul 18, 2016
The bike in general, to maintain the warranty?
Bosch say their motors aren't serviceable. But bosch sell "service kit seals and grease kits" for performance line, CX and older activeline motors.
If main bearing goes within 2yrs due to water ingress you are covered by warranty. Outside that its service replacement motor from bosch for £££ or replace bearing yourself.

Best thing to do is replace main bearing seal and regrease regularly. You will need a crank puller and spider tool for removing chainring. Going need these tools when chainring needs replacing which is every chain or two.

See my "cube ebike parts" thread for PNs and suppliers, spider tool is lockring tool.


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Jul 18, 2016
New 2019 models are out ... doesn't look like much has changed:


Bit more integrated for some of the models. Hmmm... not sure I'd like a powertube battery and would still rather stick with the sleakly integrated standard one. Would good be hear some feedback from those who have a powetube model
Powerpack gives more options for sharing between different bikes and is lot easier to carry spare in backpack.
Powertube allows for bottle cage on FS eMTB, one less thing to carry on you back.

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Sep 10, 2017
South Yorks
Thread resurrection...

Fed up with getting wet feet when riding in the rain, today whilst swapping over from summer road tyres to my nobles I also fitted a SKS Velo 65 Mountain 29" Rear Mudguard (as recommended by other members here) to the 'front' wheel of my Cube Race. With rear mudguards being longer they give more coverage over the wheel further reducing spray. They came as a pair with a front mudguard which will probably now take up space in my garage for the next god knows how many years!!



They came with the metal stays for fitting to the front forks, but rather than use the SKS fork clamps that have to be purchased separately I instead purchased a pair of 40mm rubber lined P-clips from Ebay. The 40mm P-clips are slightly too large so I've had to pad them out with pieces of rubber inner tube until the smaller 30mm P clips arrive.


Had to cable tie the top of the mudguard to crossbrace, but all in all they were a simple fit, though the fitting instructions aren't particularly good.
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