Rechargeable heated gloves


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Jun 12, 2011
Mittens... Always mittens. . Providing there this enough play to get to the brake handle. Gloves are a bad idea. Its true for fingers as it was for Brexit .. we are stronger together. High quality fine leather gloves are the worst ..maybe even worse than no gloves.

Lobster gloves are also a good solution. You won't have cold hands with these:
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Dec 13, 2020
Do report back on those, My issue is with display temps of -1, whether it is -1 or not is irrelevant, either way its too cold for long journeys and my local discount super market is closed for 5 weeks due to a refurb, so now I have to travel at least 8 mile round trip my dhb gloves work until the last 2 miles or they get wet. I might try a pair to those crab gloves.

They're not bad. A bit chunky, which makes moving hand position to hit the brakes a bit fiddly - I found that keeping two fingers on the brake levers helped, like Brexit, the fingers were stronger together, but almost as strong with a barrier between. My brake lever finger positioning has got me thinking that lobster gloves may be the answer after all. The leather confers a good grip. They seem windproof, not sure if they have taped seams... they get cool (warming up as you work up a sweat) but not as cold as the other week when I went out in -2C for four hours and got chillblains on my hands and feet, because I wasn't wearing gloves or warm enough footware. I'll spare everyone the sight of the tops of my feet peeling off like a snake shedding it's skin - if I had been more careful, it could have all come off in one piece. Not tested in rain yet. Fine at 2 degrees C last night. I'm sure they would prevent chillblains at -2C, had I been wearing them. Anyone know of any good but inexpensive windproof socks?