Small frame conversion questions


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Jul 17, 2021
Hi all,
I have a 2007 Giant Trance 3 (full suspension) which I bought new in 2008. Its done very little over the years as it was a second bike for guests or family to use. I haven't ridden for a few years due to shoulder injuries and then surgery on both shoulders.
Anyway, I am pretty much recovered and want to convert it to a mid drive but need a few pointers.
I intend to ride a few trails but also forest track (I live near to Coed Y Brenin), tarmac/path and realy want a range of 50 mile ish.
I am short and only weigh 10 stone wet through.
I would like to fit something like the Bafang BBS02B 750w 48v with a 48v 17.5Ah battery or similar depending on what fits??
Anyone out there converted a small frame (16") Giant?
It's such a small frame and I'm concerned that I won't fit a decent battery in the space available. The gear/brake cables run down top sides of the frame - will they interfere with the fitting of the battery etc.
If it looks impossible/problematic I could sell this bike and buy a cheapish donor bike and start again.
Cheers in advance
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