Suggestions for a bike mounting system for my new e-bike


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Apr 30, 2021
Dear all,

I recently switched from a regular bike to an e-bike (Giant DailyTour E+ 2). Although I am really enjoying riding my new e-bike, I am running into another problem: my old bike suspension system It can ''only'' carry 44 pounds and my new e-bike is a lot heavier than that.
Anyone have suggestions (preferably from their own experience)? Parking the bike outside/shed/garden is not an option for me.


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Jun 12, 2011
Put two screw-hooks or screw rings into the wall something like 12" above the holder and in line with the outer edges. Run a bit of cord or cable from one hook under the front of your holder and back up to the other hook. Use hot-melt glue or anything else to hold it at the front of the holder. That will brace it enough to take whatever weight you want. Simples!

Alternatively, get some 10 or 12 mm aluminiun tube from Wickes. Bash the ends flat and drill holes, then bend them to the correct angle so that you can screw one end to the wall and the other end to the top front of your holder.

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