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Jan 4, 2019
Ahh, that's interesting. I may just have to invest in one of those! Just used my wife's 18" Carrera Crosspath and spent most of my time over 15.5mph. And you are right, the 48 fits well. ideally I need a 52, but the smaller frame means I am sitting up more, which I prefer for touring.


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Feb 3, 2019
if you use a dongle you basically half the range in each mode so in eco no dongle would say 100 miles and half that with one.
I can't understand your statement. I have a Haibike Sduro Cross 7.0 (CX-motor) with a Speedbox 2 dongle. The dongle doesn't effect the range. The Intuvia screen doesn't change estimated range whether the dongle is on or off. And of course it shouldn't because the dongles doesn't change the torque in any way, only the 25 km/h speed limit.
I have several trips of 70-75 km on very rugged and hilly forest roads with one Powerpack 500 and still with some km left. (1 LED)
What matters for maximum range is:
1. The mode. On these trips I try to use the Tour-mode as mutch a possible but need both Sport and the Turbo-mode on the steapest hills.
2. Optimal gear shifts. (Many do gear down to late before hills and with to low cadence before and up the hill)
3. Cadence
4. And of course, the power in your legs.(I'm 60 so my power is not what it was)

If your dongle gives you only half of the normal range something must be wrong.

Btw. Speedbox has a new version, Speedbox 2/B which has an bluetooth app that gives you many live data parameters.
The sad part is that I think the B-version it's very expensive. But the data it shows is very interesting, and many of the parameteres would be nice showing up on Bosch displays on their ebikes in the future.


Finding my (electric) wheels
Feb 3, 2019
try going 30mph ;)
That has to do with your bike riding style, not the dongle. As you may have discovered the range is calculated based on how you ride over time. With many short trips, many stops and starts the calculated range goes down. If you then ride longer and smoother trips the calculated range will increase again.


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May 23, 2015
it is based on power usage as eddie pj can nuke a 500w batt in 10 miles with no dongle he just ride it up a mountain lol.

these motors can draw 800w+ under the 15mph limit or with a dongle fitted.


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Sep 10, 2017
South Yorks
Im getting about 30 miles to a full charge on my Bosch 50w battery. About 40% of that is cycling up steep hills, another 40%coasting down the same hills, and the remainder on flat ground.

I have a dongle fitted and when riding on flat ground I'm usually always going above 15mph.