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Oct 12, 2018
I have 2 e-bikes for sale, mine and my wife's. The first one is a blue Wisper 705se 375wh battery, this is about 18 months old and has done just over 170 miles around the hills of Stroud in Gloucestershire so we know it performs well, we have changed the tyres to brown and added the panniers. The battery has been very well maintained (I used to work in an e-bike store so I know the importance), two keys (might even be more if I can find them as they come with 4) and the charger included, great all round bike.

The second bike is my Sduro All Mtn SL Yamaha 400wh battery, this is about 2 years old and has done 570 miles, it is full suspension with 150mm travel, 27.5 tyres and suntour shocks as standard as is everything else. I have changed the tyres to Smart Sam's as I was using it to get to work as well as off road but I still have the original Hans Dampf tyres which are included too. I have taken it around the verderers trail at the forest of dean a couple of times and it is brilliant for this type of run.

I would like the both to go together ideally but will sell apart if required. I am looking for £650 for the Wisper & £1200 for the Haibike, but I would consider a deal for the two of them. We are reluctantly selling due to moving house and we need the space and the extra cash at the moment.

Wisper 1.jpg Wisper 2.jpg Wisper 3.jpg Haibike 1.jpg Haibike 2.jpg Haibike 3.jpg Haibike 4.jpg Haibike 5.jpg Haibike 6.jpg

Wisper 1.jpg Wisper 2.jpg Wisper 3.jpg Haibike 1.jpg