Woosh Faro Review


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Sep 13, 2020
Bike looks great, did the 32c tyres fit okay I’m guessing that’s the limit of size if also fitting mudguards.
Thanks. 32s fit ok - not much clearance but enough for everything to spin as it should! And yes - its the frame clearances that are the critical factor I think...


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Sep 10, 2021
Quick update gears working fine after a little adjusting of the cable tension screw. Few additions to how the bike will run, real reason for mudguards is to prevent little stones flicking up onto the nice mat black paintwork View attachment 35740View attachment 35741
Hi, I collected my Woosh Faro from Southend a month back and loving it. Very good value, service and riding experience.
Anyway, please can you advise which custom grips have you fitted on the bike?


Feb 16, 2020
Hi the main grips are cheappo foam ones from home bargains i think. Bar ends again donated but dirt cheap on eBay Together they prove to be very comfortable.


Nov 8, 2020
Have to say, it's a very neat and tidy looking bike, especially the stock pics with the rack fitted. Aesthetically it gives many of the big name brands a run for the money.
I could find it justified me owning a 2nd for shopping, this being it only I fear the frames too small and the max weight too lightweight for my 6'3"* 14 1/2 stone

*I know you can adapt, but 20" for me isnt a good set up, even with a longer stem and higher rise bars.

Very nice, I like it indeed.
And I'd be certainly happier locking this up in the city center rather than my £5k emtb, it just blends in lovely and doesn't look too ebiky and attractive to the rotten mob.

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