Wrist Mirrors


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Jan 16, 2021
I'd like your opinions on wrist mirrors. I already have a fixed mirror but for added safety I was thinking about them.
Anybody here use them? Are they any good?


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May 23, 2015

ram rover racing track there is no speed limit and i can feel the road from my ass to how close it is ;)


Jan 5, 2020
I’ve tried them and think they are better than nothing but not as good as fixed mirrors. Better to have a fixed mirror each side and forget the wrist mirror.
Also I wonder if I fell off the bike while wearing one would the wrist mirror make it more likely to injure my wrist?

P. S. Are you saying you have eyes in your backside Soundwave?


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Feb 21, 2020
I've never looked at wrist mirrors before this post - first thoughts are:
  • Puttint them on before ride detracts somewhat from the spontainity of just jumping on your bike for a ride
  • not great for wrist watch wears
  • if riding on straights (Pic A), then your hands are going to be near enough shoulder width so your body is going to be in the way of much of the rearward view although if like in Pic B you ride on the bar ends a lot, then that'll give a better rearwrd view.
  • Unless you're happy to twiddle with the swiveled position of the mirror as you ride, then the mirror will only be useful in handlebar grip position A or B, not both
  • Anyway, each to their own - I'm a great advocate of rear mirrors andI have a handlebar one on each of my bikes, including the one with drop handlebars.
  • I did for a while try those mirrors that attach to spectacle arm (or helmet) but (a) they take some practice to use and (b) I felt a bit of a numpty wearing them!