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Northern Ireland scraps electric bike registration and license requirements

Infrastructure Minister, Nichola Mallon, this week brought updated electric bike usage law to the Assembly in Northern Ireland, the affirmation of which means e-bikes can now be used on NI roads without registration or licensing.

Mallon said: “On 4 February I announced my intention to bring forward legislation to encourage use of electric bikes by removing the requirement for them to be registered, licensed and insured.  I am delighted to bring this legislation to the Assembly today.

“This will be an important step to encourage more people regardless of age or physical ability to take up cycling to improve their health and wellbeing which has taken on more importance since the outbreak of COVID-19. As we move towards the recovery phase of this emergency, using electric bikes to travel to work or for recreational purposes would provide an opportunity for people to consider an alternative way to travel or enjoy their daily exercise. By cutting down on traffic congestion, and reducing air pollution, we will also improve the quality of life for everyone in Northern Ireland.”

Minister Mallon has also today announced the first in a series of green infrastructure initiatives aimed at transforming travel, which she says is “key to recovery” by creating safer routes for walking and cycling. Pilot schemes include widening pavements for social distancing, ‘pop up’ cycle lanes and plans to reduce traffic.




'Widening pavements for social distancing?!*' Have we all gone mad?