Speed Pedelecs

Speed Pedelec Registration Guide – Completing the V55/4

V55/4 – Application for first vehicle tax and registration of a new motor vehicle

The V55/4 is one of two forms that you will need to complete and send off to the DLVA. This form looks rather daunting as there are 65 questions that need to be answered, thankfully you don’t need to complete all of them.


Where to obtain the form

The V55/4 can be ordered directly from the DLVA website (https://forms.dft.gov.uk/order-dvla-forms/). The website will ask for an address to send the form(s) to. When we requested ours, they arrived within a few days.


Completing the form

When you receive the form, you will need to complete it as follows. You will need various pieces of information from your Certificate of Conformity (CoC) which should have been supplied to you when you purchased your bike.

  1. Registration Number (leave blank)
  2. Tax class (L1e-B)
  3. Period of tax applied for (12 months, although this could probably be left blank)
  4. Registration fee (leave blank), Tax payable (£55.00)
  5. Manufacturer (from CoC)
  6. Make (from CoC)
  7. Model (from CoC)
  8. Type of body/vehicle (Electric Bicycle)
  9. Wheelplan (2 Wheel)
  10. Colours (from CoC)
  11. Type Approval Number (from CoC)
  12. Type (leave blank)
  13. Variant (leave blank)
  14. Version (leave blank)
  15. Length (leave blank)
  16. HC (leave blank)
  17. Unladen Weight (leave blank)
  18. Number of seats (1)
  19. Max net power (leave blank)
  20. Technical permissible maxmium towable mass of the trailer (leave blank)
  21. Track width axles (leave blank)
  22. Width (leave blank)
  23. NOx (leave blank)
  24. Revenue weight (leave blank)
  25. Number of standing places (leave blank)
  26. Max permissible Mass (from CoC)
  27. Euro Status (leave blank)
  28. Euro Status Directive No (leave blank)
  29. Date from which tax is to run (enter same date as from V267 date)
  30. Type of fuel (electric)
  31. VIN/Chassis/Frame No (from CoC)
  32. Engine Number (from CofC)
  33. Cylinder Capacity (0)
  34. Wheelbase (from CoC)
  35. Co2 (leave blank)
  36. Mass in Service Kg (from CoC)
  37. Particulates (leave blank)
  38. CO (leave blank)
  39. HC + NOx (leave blank)
  40. Trailer Weight (leave blank)
  41. Stationary Sound Level (leave blank)
  42. Engine Speed Sound Level (leave blank)
  43. Drive by sound level (leave blank)
  44. Power to Weight Ratio (from CoC)
  45. Year of Registration (Current year)
  46. Vehicle Family (leave blank)
  47. Specific Co2 emission (leave blank)
  48. Deviation Factor (leave blank)
  49. Verification Factor (leave blank)
  50. WLTP test Mass (leave blank)
  51. Electric Energy Consumption (from CoC)
  52. Code/group for innovative technology (leave blank)
  53. Emissions reduction through innovative tech WLTP (leave blank)
  54. Emissions reduction through innovative tech NEDC (leave blank)
  55. Partial postcode (first part of your home postcode) / Industry in which vehicle is to be used (leave blank)
  56. RDE (leave blank)
  57. Maximum NOx (leave blank)
  58. Maximum NOx (leave blank)

There are some other fields on the form related to the original dealer which you can leave blank.

59. List price/notional price (leave blank)

60. Name and address of vehicle keeper (your details)

  • Title
  • Name
  • Address
  • Postcode

61. Date of birth

Contact details in case DVLA need to get in touch.

63,64 and 65 – ignore

Declaration – sign and date.


Send to DLVA

The V55/4 needs to be sent to DLVA along with :

  • V267 (Declaration that a vehicle is new)
  • Cheque for £55.00 made payable to DVLA
  • Certificate of Conformity (needs to be the original document, not a copy – you will receive it back)
  • Proof of address (e.g. bill / bank statement )
  • Proof of ID ( e.g. Photo Driving Licence)


Many thanks to Dan at Riese & Muller UK for providing Pedelecs with the loan of a Speed Pedelec. You can view the range of R&M ebikes here : https://www.r-m.de/en-gb/