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    Extending arm to reduce chance of been hit by overtaking car

    Do you mean something like this?
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    Interesting holiday idea?

    Maybe a chain tensioner?
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    Rear rack

    This one may work
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    Crank lateral play

    Is the movement in the F-a (axial) direction or F-r (radial) direction
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    Would certainly help if you updated the post subject line with some relevant text
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    Kalkhoff unreliability

    Possibly the same thing Not much is “made” in Germany these days The majority of parts are supplied ex Asia and possibly assembled in Germany
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    Hill Starts

    Start off in your lowest (easiest to pedal) gear and use your throttle
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    Tyre Help (very basic stuff, sorry)

    Make sure you get tubes with the same stem They will be either Presta or Schrader
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    Help! Double kickstand help

    What about something like this which are very popular with bike riders in Japan
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    What is This!

    Its a valve core removal tool
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    Recommend me an iPhone holder for middle of handlebars
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    Lightest Electric Bike

    Have you looked at the new Specialized Turbo Vado SL coming in at 15kg
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    Drive Train

    Do you mean something like the Bike2
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    Let’s see your car rack carriers

    Thumbs up for the Thule carrier I got this one which works really well
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    Rohloff or not to Rohloff.

    Have a read here for mixed reviews Nothing is bullet proof and over time, whatever combination you choose will need to be maintained or repaired. You need to consider the level of...