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    New C5

    It may well be realistic with pedaling , my DIY pedal only velomobile could maintain 40 kph on the flat as a fast cruise and 60 kph was a prolonged sprint speed.
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    Help with motor choice for KMX Cobra

    You won't be pedalling much with a single speed. and getting home if you have a failure will be fun if it involves hills due to the above and the 18 kg weight increase. Get the battery the pack as far forward as you can as the weight of the motor is already going to have an effect on handling...
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    Insulting Message from 50 Cycles

    I always try to conduct myself exactly as I would in real life. Assuming Scott does the same I am pleased I will never meet him IRL after the last two posts he has made.
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    Insulting Message from 50 Cycles

    I don't always agree with d8veh :) but how any forum post can possibly justify a director of a company to resort to this level "It started by deliberately changing my name into a derogatory one," is beyond me.
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    Recumbent motor options.

    If you have bad knees just remember to spin as it is very easy to use the seat back to allow you to grind up hill further damaging your knees. Fit clipless pedals, if you foot slips off there is real danger of snapping your shin bone. Hub, mid or crank drive are all viable for trikes, a crank...
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    BBS01 error code 30 what now?

    Me too, when I started with e-bikes I had every meter and toy in sight, I discovered I enjoyed riding without any of it as you tend to relax and not try to beat your best time without the reminders. The big bonus is its safer as you spend more time looking at the road and traffic etc.
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    Hauling heavy loads in steep hills.

    Great news, with the right gearing they superb. I suspect a BBS01 would have done the job but obviously with less exuberance :)
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    Hauling heavy loads in steep hills.

    That is my pet peeve with most crank drives, they come with gearing that is way to high for 26" drive wheel as it wont allow them to spin freely on hills. Having said that they are well suited to 20" rear wheels out of the box :) With the 32 front ring you will have similar gearing to my trike...
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    Electric three wheel bikes

    At an increased cost a high seated recumbent trike would be lot safer and much more comfortable than a standard trike. Some thing along the lines of the below.
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    Depends on what you want to do with it, I have an original single speed dremel, a high powered variable speed knock off and a dremel stylus rechargeable. Any small or fiddly jobs the Stylus every time not a lot of power but very comfortable (pistol grip) and precise. The original dremel for...
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    Ebike vs Road bike

    It should be easy enough to make a light road bike into a light e road bike. My recumbent trike is 13 kg standard and with the new batteries about 19 kg, the extra weight is not an issue as the only place it would hurt is up hill or acceleration which it more than compensates for. With the legal...
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    Sexist or realist?

    As anyone who has changed many tyres would know removing and refitting a tyre can take a lot of strength at times and on a purely practical basis men are more likely to be stronger and there for better equipped to change tyres. I have tyres that almost fall onto the rim and others that have...
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    Wow Factor BPM Rear Hub Demo

    For an Andy? :)
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    Wow Factor BPM Rear Hub Demo

    The video shows a: 1500w geared motor with a rider pedalling hard until the hill shallows out and the hill is a 20% average grade according to strava not 30% No one really thinks hubs can't climb but a legal mid drive will climb steeper with less effort...
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    Will an ebike last a 3 hour shift?

    A more inportant question would be how many KM/miles you will be riding and how hilly? The plus side of the road bike is that you will be able to go on the drops if the wind is bad, bad side poor ride and less puncture resistant tyres. As D8veh said your brakes may be not up to the job of...