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    Any Woosh Gran Camino owners out there?

    You get 8 settings as its 0-7 . Make 0=0 and then reconfigure 1-7 as a desired % ;)
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    Any Woosh Gran Camino owners out there?

    I have a Woosh Rio MTB since July 21 with 1500 miles under its belt and it has been superb! The gran camino appears to have a similar spec albeit with a 20a controller vs 17a so you should have plenty of grunt. Enjoy!
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    Carrier help needed please

    I have the Thule Europower 915 from Decathlon. A great carrier specifically made for eBikes according to the advertising. Taken both our Step thru and Crossbar Freegos 500 miles to Cornwall and back without a hitch. Well recommended...
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    Wisper Wayfarer - hard to ride

    ;)You are in too high a gear.
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    Freego Hawk vs Giant Easy-E+2

    The Freego looks like the higher spec Eagle which would have been even better. Improved forks and higher torque motor. Shame its gone....
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    Tow bar bike carrier advice

    The Thule Europower is superb and best price I got by far was from Decathlon store.
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    Mobile phone holder

    Lidls do a cheap one. Its pot luck whether they are in store though as only appear for a week or so when they have the 'bike week' items .
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    Help! I need a lightweight step through

    When you say "but I struggled with the weight to start with and now 2 surgeries later I am completely floored by it " are you struggling with moving it around when stationary or are you having trouble pedalling it ?
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    Battery range

    Specs also quote 25kmh which is actually 15.5 mph.... :oops:.
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    Where Do You Live V2.0

    PO11 9SD for me please. :D
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    Delimiting / tuning

    Its primarily the air resistance working against you , the weight of the bike per se is almost irrelevant once moving on a flat road. Up a hill it becomes relevant but only as a combination of rider + bike weight.
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    Woosh Woosh Rio eMTB - alternatives

    Wow I must have got one of the last RIO's in stock as mine was delivered early July. So glad I did as It is a lovely little bike that's for sure. :D Thanks Woosh!
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    New technology - solid state batteries

    His battery is goodenough at age 98! Top bloke!
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    £50 bike repair voucher from tonight

    nope - its mainly for the conservatives..:p
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    Review Woosh Rio MTB Review/Initial Impressions

    BMW has a similar problem with its cars - they have indicators fitted but never seem to be used by the drivers...allegedly.:)