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    electric hybrid/mtb under £1000

    Hi sorry should have said he's around 6 foot tall and 16 stones in weight,thanks.
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    electric hybrid/mtb under £1000

    Hey guys I've finally talked my father into taking the plunge and purchasing an ebike his budget is no more than £1000 as the title says looking for recommendations for a decent machine for the money, not looking for a city or step through type bike it needs to be either a mtb or hybrid style...
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    Focus Jarifa premium xt 29r for sale.

    Sorry meant to say I purchased the bike to allow me to cycle to aid recovery from a knee operation I'm now looking to sell the bike to fund an un assisted carbon road bike.
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    Focus Jarifa premium xt 29r for sale.

    2014 model focus jarifa premium xt for sale , bike is in tip top condition all round a few minor scratches here and there but otherwise exellent, the bike is powered by kalkhoff,s xion rear hub motor which offers silent power assistance probably one of the quietest out there, the bike has had...
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    Tuning a Xion Neodrive Hub Motor - Software Available

    I Hi Tyler how did you get on with your xion bike did you manage to use the software?
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    Wheel circumfrence effect on assist limit

    Hi Folks, Apparently its possible to fool an ebike motor into providing a higher cut off point by changing the wheel circumference size what would be the equation for this and do I have to change the untit measurement from mph to kph for this to work?, My bike has 29r wheels which is entered in...
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    xion neodrive communication error

    Hey folks my bike has developed some kind of communication error it's being shown on the screen as a triangle with a c inside, the bike has just had the brakes serviced so I'm thinking it must be a prob with a cable but all seems well and intact I'm scratching my head and no amount of rebooting...
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    advice on 29r studded mtb tyres

    Hi Folks, I've been hunting around the web for a set of studded winter tyres for my focus jarifa 29r and can only really find the schwalbe ice spikers which come in at approximatly £80 each! Good tyres i'm sure but a bit pricey does anyone know of any other decent tyres that would fit the bill...
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    Kalkhoff Pro Connect Xion X24 - First Impression

    Sounds like the same problem i had firstly they tried upgrading the firmware but this never worked so the only option was to replace the motor which took a number of weeks due to them having to wait on the motor coming from the manafacturer so bike was off the road for a good while which was...
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    Kalkhoff Pro Connect Xion X24 - First Impression

    Hi, The exact same thing happened to me after roughly 4 months of ownership and this was after relatively light use, for the record its a focus jarifa i have but same motor etc, 50 cycles replaced the motor no problem but it has cast a bit of doubt in my mind as to how durable the xion motor is...
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    xion motor fault.

    Hi Folks, the motor on my focus jarifa premium developed a fault on the way home from work today basically the motor cut out and stopped providing any kind of assistance, the motor fault warning symbol is also now displayed on the control consule(triangle with an m in the middle) i tryed...
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    ebike to keep up with road bike for 40 miles

    Oldtom, You seem to get really offended everytime someone mentions illegal bikes and while i applaud your law abiding attitude you really need to chill out pal do you think the uk's finest really care if a few punters are cruising around on slightly over powered ebikes?
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    Kalkhoff Pro Connect Xion X24 - First Impression

    hi, do you know if its possible to de restrict the xion motor. thanks
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    Hello Martin, Noticed you sell tuning dongles for the bosch systems, what im trying to track...

    Hello Martin, Noticed you sell tuning dongles for the bosch systems, what im trying to track down is a similar gadget for a xion hub motor(i have a focus jarifa bought from 50 cycles, do you know if anything like that is available for this system. Garry.
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    Focus Jarifa 29R

    Hi, I've had the jarifa premium xt for a couple of months now and its a cracking bike, probably one of the nicest looking e bikes out there, i replaced the continental tyres with a set of schwalbe big apple and it has further improved the bike for road use. The only gripe i have is the motor...