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    Bosch Crank Drive - Unimpressed

    Have the Bosch got a torque sensing crank?.
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    Chainline offset for BBSHD and hub gear - how much is too much?

    I might end up doing the same with my Nuvinci build, like the looks of no derailleur but function should always come before form!. What chain do you recomend?, would like something as heavy duty as possible really..
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    Riding home after a beer anyone?

    We had a "few" after work at Christmas and I road home (in hindsight it was a stupid idea..). My max speed was 22 mph before that night, had a look a few days after and it was 32mph.. Never again!, 2 pints tops from now on.
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    Internet Question

    I used a Homeplug (LAN over electric sockets) for running my computer upstairs with router downstairs. Worked a treat and never had any problems with it.
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    Giant Road e+1 Winter Riding

    Very neat job and well worth the effort!.
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    NuVinci 360 gearing

    One of the best things about the belt is not dealing with the oily mess, makes cleaning the bike a lot easier (everyday commuter not weekend special).
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    NuVinci 360 gearing

    Around the world on 2 belts, 11,000 miles on 1 belt with a Rohloff and no cleaning.. My bike is silent in the wet or dry.. I wonder if all the people slating the belts have ridden a bike (put decent milage on one) or are just...
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    NuVinci 360 gearing

    Tollerance wise with the belt drive, it's set and forget. I would choose belt and igh over chain and derailleur every time due to maintenance alone..
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    Woosh 'Bali' for sale

    That's excellent customer service above and beyond!.
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    The riddle of complete bikes cheaper than kits?

    Surely paypal or whoever will claw back the money so how do the fakers benifit from it?. Only way would be people paying through none returnable BACS transfer?, who would be stupid enough to do that?.
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    Hub gears for my bike

    I think if you wanted rear hub ( Nuvinci or Rohloff) and Carbon drive it would be wise to find a bike with both fitted that is capable off accepting your BBS02. The carbon drive requires a split-able frame to accept the belt, and appropriate dropouts.
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    Giant Road e+1 Winter Riding

    I'm amazed at how much crud full mudguards catch, well worth fitting over winter.
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    Camera in your pocket thread.

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    NuVinci 360 gearing

    You'd require a different rear sprocket for the Rohloff but other than that should be a simple enough swap. Buying the bike alread built from the ground up with carbon belt system is a good idea as they are very close tolerance on the alignment.