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    Best bicycle navigation software?

    Another thumbs up for Osmand. Cycle routes highlighted (including off road such as old railway lines and byeways). Maps are in many ways clearer than OS, yet show loads of info. Navigation really does keep you to the quiet back roads. Best of all it is free!
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    Electric Bike for light touring - and Halfords

    Whyte and Kinesis have rather nice Fazua powered bikes. The Kinesis even has rack fixings on the front forks for serious touring. Like the OP I was taken by the Boardman, but got the Whyte Hoxton for only a little more dosh in a closing down sale. Very pleased with it, although I did have to...
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    Opinions Please!

    Coming from Holland and with only 6 gears, I wouldn't expect too much in the way of hill climbing ability for the 250W version.
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    Get rid of those troublesome hubs!

    Check out the Beno Reevo Ebike. No hubs! (Popped up on Google news)
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    British Brands

    Whyte (made in Cambodia) Forme (made in the Far East)
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    Looking for a Handlebar or top tube bag

    Bewildering choice on Amazon!
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    No Suspension

    Cyclists managed without suspension for nearly 100 years! Similar to a question which popped up on a photography forum along the lines of "Iv'e been given a camera but it doesn't have image stabilisation - will it it take pictures?" The NCX seatpost is well worth getting if the price is right...
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    Insurance Home content or specialist? Pros and Cons

    Both UK cycling organisations - Cycling UK and British Cycling - provide heavy duty 3rd party insurance and legal aid as part of their membership. For me, the most cost effective solution is having the bikes on the house insurance and membership of Cycling UK. The benefit of bikes on the house...
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    £50 bike repair voucher from tonight

    All but one of the decent bike shops* in the Southampton/Winchester/Andover area are on the list - I was quite surprised as the ones I have visited recently have been really busy. (*I don't count Halfords!) Got myself a Nooo e-Biiike recently and have been getting accessories for it. I had to...
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    £50 bike repair voucher from tonight

    So ***when*** can you use the voucher? The best LBS near me has been overloaded with repair work ever since the lockdown started. They only answer 1 in 3 telephone calls, because it just rings all the time.
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    Finally took the plunge

    Osmand (free for Android and iPhone) is based on open sourced mapping and has a cycle path overlay. The overlay shows all the national cycle trails as well as many local ones. The navigation in cycling mode keeps you off main roads as far as possible. (but so does Google Maps). For use on the...
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    A friend of mike has one and she likes it very much. Very smart looking bike.
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    Halfords 10% off everything

    That deal seems to be for 2019
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    Women's upright e-bike - £1.6k max budget

    Did you look at the Forme Peak Trail 2 ELS stepthrough? They are down to £1499 at e-bikesdirect and have two frame sizes in stock. Bit of a bargain.
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    Women's upright e-bike - £1.6k max budget

    A friend has a Forme Peak Trail which she really likes. It's a good looking bike - smart and well finished. It's a little above your budget, but the 2021 ranges will be announced soon so you might be able to shop around and get one a bit cheaper. At the £1000 mark, the advice to look at Woosh...