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    Replacement TSDZ2 chainring

    You need to double check have tried from several different sellers, none have had the same dish some no dish at all
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    The Law

    Suspect this will cause a rethink
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    Fat Bike Wheel

    I have two new unused fat rims [no spokes or hub] 26x4 32 holes I imported from Germany if it helps
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    1961 motocomfort mobylette

    My first ever motorised build;) it arrived as I non runner in two tea chests and a heap of bits 45+ odd years ago, the lawn in the back garden was gone in a week:p pedal to start then drop off the centre stand:eek: ps . if i remember the top speed was about 15.5 mph
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    1961 motocomfort mobylette

    Reminds me of a old Raleigh runabout
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    Help! BBSHD Throttle stopped working while using PAS

    The throttle setting is speed I use current, put the original display back on and try it, I did not use my egg rider for long[ i just did not get on with it ]
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    Help! BBSHD Throttle stopped working while using PAS

    Do you have the bbs programme lead and software ? if so can you post your settings
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    Will it fit? Spacers for Tongsheng mid-drive?

    The chain line does not appear to be such a problem with the tdz compared to a bbs ,if the motor will fit and not catch on the chain stays its very tolerant , the bottom bracket spacers from a bafang fit . My kona unit 27.5 + 73 mm bottom bracket and 2,8 inch wide tyres has chain problems...
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    RIP It is dead he killed it snapped the steel frame on the last you tube vid :rolleyes::oops:
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    Help! Best lock?

    The term pick is misleading its manipulate, single side keys are possible to bump with simple tools, even electric tools can be purchased [this used to be restricted to members of the MLA but thanks to the internet :( ] The more levers and pins inside the lock the harder it gets ,the newer...
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    Help! Best lock?

    Look out for the sold secure logo ,or try and get a lock that is marked gold or 9-10 , almost nothing can stop a determined attack with an angle grinder. I use a dlock and a steel extension cable for short stops and add a heavy duty chain if required . its just as important what you lock up...
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    Motor 48v 250w

    You can fit a throttle to a diy kit and be legal, on the tsdz2 full assist is turbo mode some effort is still required depend on the bike gearing You need a bbs01 36 V 250watt and ghost pedal
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    Motor 48v 250w

    Woosh has a special motor made to his spec and labeled for there exclusive sale which is uk legal , psw power do other options at 48 v I have used the psw version on several builds with a few small niggles/misconception's at first now prefer it to a bbs02 , But if you want to ghost pedal...
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    Average shipping cost from China to UK?

    Yes for Chinese bikes the price quoted does not include all the charges imposed at this end:mad:, anti dumping up to 80 % and vat 20% on the total which are the bulk of the tax and are additional to the sale price :( and require payment of handling charges too Ebay/Amazon- couriers become tax...
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    Build 2 are there any better mid drive units other than than the BBS range

    HI Jim have swapped to a tdz2 48v, smaller less current ,cheaper too ,the ride is more like a normal bike as it has a torque sensor give me a call you can try it out just finished an old fs bike for the winter