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    This seems to be an active and very helpful forum. Anybody's forum replies going straight to spam?

    Thanks Flecc, when I set up the forum I must have used an old email address harking back to the days of dial up! I've now changed my account to use my Pedelecs email. But I think Gmail is marking a number of Pedelecs email as spam, I've had a few people report the confirmation email link...
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    Get Me Out of Here...Please.

    Hi Cyclezee, I've deleted your account as requested. Thanks Russ.
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    What happened to Pedelecs?!

    Just click on Forums underneath News in the left menu and you'll get the full listing :
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    Hi all, We have installed a new classifieds system on the forum. If you have something to sell or buy, please create your listing here : If it works well, it will replace the existing classifieds sub-forums. Please report any problems or other...
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    Site update Thu May 2nd

    Hi Dave, Push notifications is a new feature with the latest forum update. It's a bit like text messages on your phone in that you receive an instant notification if someone responds to something you're interested in. It works on most browsers in Windows and Android devices. Apple is not...
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    Site update Thu May 2nd

    There are other themes out there but we won't be using them, just this one and the default one you have access to.
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    Site update Thu May 2nd

    OK update has taken place. There will be some new features appearing shortly. REACTIONS Xenforo 2.1 has introduced its own reaction system. We will hopefully be moving back to the one that was working yesterday, I'm just waiting for an update from the developer later today.
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    Site update Thu May 2nd

    Hi all, We are planning to upgrade the Xenforo forum software tomorrow afternoon. The site may be down for 1-3 hours. Thanks Russ
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    Problems accessing site on mobile device

    Hi Kirstin, Sorry, this hasn't been fixed yet. It's in with some other work that needs doing with our developers. thanks Russ.
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    Good Ebike Shops- A Guide

    Hi, I hope to have something ready later next week. I'll send you a PM with the URL. Thanks Russ
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    Good Ebike Shops- A Guide

    I'm currently testing another 'dealer search' software product at the moment which has the ability to store a lot more information about a dealer and also includes the ability to leave reviews. I'll make a demo available soon if anyone would be happy to provide feedback. Thanks Russ.
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    theme options

    Unfo only for a few minutes, need to test an add-on first!
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    theme options

    OK I think I've found a way to allow specific users access to a style without making it available to everyone. I'll let you know when it's done. Obviously you are already aware the default style is not the main style and so is unsupported etc..