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    Yose Power kit advice

    I had the 350w yose hub kit. The motor was identical to a 250w hub. I don’t remember it having 350w stamped on it either. It was a good kit and not really faster than my old derestricted 250w/36v hub bike. I seriously doubt you’d get into trouble As long as you left the throttle off it and...
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    For Sale Boardman ADV 8.9E Gravel eBike - XL 57.5cm frame

    stargazer30 submitted a new listing: Boardman ADV 8.9E Gravel eBike - XL 57.5cm frame - Boardman ADV 8.9E Gravel eBike - XL 57.5cm frame Learn more about this listing...
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    Gtech Ebike Sport

    Hi, go on Facebook and join gtech owners group, your best bet is to find a local owner who can help, maybe try their battery etc.. The gtech system as you know is very simple. It’s either the battery, controller, bottom bracket sensor or the the hub motor. There’s nothing else to go wrong...
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    I think I may have talked myself out of buying an electric bike………for now anyway.

    just to add they fit in the boot of a medium sized hatch fine too. My focus moving my XL frame fazua gravel bike.
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    I think I may have talked myself out of buying an electric bike………for now anyway.

    Op check out the Fazua motor ebikes. They are both an ebike and a regular bike as you can use them without the motor and battery if you want to. Plus they are light for an ebike, about 16kg. They are minimal assist though so you do need to pedal some. If you put them on full power it’s...
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    Want to build a low drag commuter

    op was asking about tyre clearance on the cxr 8.9. I’ve got one I use as a gravel bike and I run 38c schwalbe g one tyres and there’s just enough room to get a full range guard in too. Lovely bike too.
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    Looking for ebike for rough gravel and road

    I went from a Cube/Bosch powered emtb style touring bike to a eGravel. The bike I have now is the boardman ADV8.9e. Main reason I swapped was the Bosch bike was just shy of 30kg and just felt like a tank. Felt really crap on the climbs due to its upright geometry and it being a flat bar...
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    Halford's ebikes

    I can only go by Fazua owners on Facebook and the general consensus is that fazua are great for support and I dont think they are any less reliable than Bosch. On the fazua bikes the entire drive pack is removable including the motor. Fazua can send out a new one or if it’s out of warranty you...
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    Halford's ebikes

    No one mentioned the boardman Fazua bikes Halfords do. I think the Hyb8.9e with discount may just come in under 2k. I have the adv 8.9e and it’s been a good bike so far. the Fazua bikes are mid drive but light weight/minimal assistance. They can put out similar torque and power as the bigger...
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    Cyclists avoiding cycle lanes

    Depends on the cycle lane. We have some ones in my city that are sandwiched between constantly parked cars and the live car lane, and are narrow. So you have a risk of being car doored or side swiped by passing a HGV/Van/Bus. Plus they tend to end abruptly dumping you into the carriageway.
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    Bike or kit

    The Bosch range calculate will probably over estimate a bit as its for a mid drive motor. Hubs tend to setup to run until they hit a certain cut off speed vs a mid drive that measures torque and applies assist as needed. So for hubs the range is typically less, at least all three of mine have...
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    Did your E bike get you back on a regular bike?

    According to strava I’m about 60% ebike and 40% clockwork bike of my total miles. I’m training for the c2c later this year so I’m using the clockwork to train fitness and hills and for distance I’m using the ebike. both are gravel bikes so other than the assist the bikes are very similar...
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    Cube Kathmandu Equivalents

    I had a 500wh cube touring hyrbid exec. This is the same bike as the Kathmandu but with the gen 3 motor. I sold it due to weight. It was 27kg unlaiden and lifting it over stuff was a nightmare. It had a superb range though. I only ever had to ride it unassisted once and even with the 12...
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    Locks, security, registering, battery etc!

    I have a cheap gtech for shop and lock duties. £500 2nd hand and it has a small 1.4kg bottle battery which I clip off and carry. Once the batteries off it’s worth £250 at most. Cable brakes, no fancy lights, or kit that can be scavenged. No gears on it either so low maintenance. Even so I...
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    From home made to Factory Build

    That's by design on the Orbea. The idea is to assist and they assume a decent level of fitness. My Fazua boardman ADV is the same. Unless you set it to rocket mode, you need to put some work in and I come back tired and sweaty after a 30-40mile ride. That's fine though as I wanted a bike for...