1. D

    Is 250/500W + 36V 16ah battery enough?

    Hi all, I'm looking to purchase a mid drive conversion kit to get me back into MTB after a few years out, particularly back into trail riding. I have a great condition Cube Attention 2016 for my donor bike. I see the Befang BBS02 750W kits are raved about but I can't find anywhere that sells...
  2. G

    Help! Fork problems

    Nothing seems straightforward with this conversion. I'm trying to convert a 1990s Giant Cypress SE using a Cyclotricity front wheel kit. I've already had to hack some metal off one of the cranks to get the PAS rotor to fit and remove the disk brake securing screws and spacer from the hub. I...
  3. G

    Help! How to mod Cyclotricity PAS rotor?

    Thanks to help from this forum, I've manage to convert my wife's bike using a Cyclotricity front hub kit and I'm now trying to do the same with my old hybrid. However, I have one outstanding 'gotcha' to resolve:- the PAS rotor (see piccy) as supplied doesn't fit the bottom bracket spindle --...
  4. S

    Cyclotricity 250W/1000W 48V Rear Drive eKit Fitting Installation

    So I have a new rear wheel kit. Trying to fit a 7 speed shimano freewheel and there is no clearance? The washer hits the cog please see images? Am I missing some proper spacers?
  5. Stu33

    Cyclotricity conversion kits, anygood?

    Hi, I was wondering are people pleased with their conversion kits from cyclotricity? Stuart
  6. S

    Cyclotricity 250/1000W blues!

    Hi all; mix of a rant and question here. A few months ago I built my first pedelec - a cheap-as-chips Gumtree mountain bike + £120 eBay kit + £150 36V battery - was really impressed with it, and decided to go the whole hog and get a decent bike and decent kit. I opted for a Giant Roam 2 - it's...
  7. Paul Wrighton

    Cyclotricity kit buzzkill

    Hello again folks, Yesterday I popped along to my LBS thinking just to pick up some slime for the back wheel. Unfortunately when I got there I discovered I had a broken spoke, so ended up booking in for a repair. I said I would source the spokes, since they're non-standard, and I expected...
  8. Paul Wrighton

    South East London, UK, on a tight budget

    Hello folks! I'm having mixed feelings about my E-bike experience over the past few days... This could very well be down to budget, since I have spent less than £600 and for that I'm now the proud owner of:- B-Twin Riverside Trek 500, Cyclotricity 500W rear wheel, 36v 11Ah Pannier Battery...