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Paul Wrighton

Aug 6, 2018
Hello folks!
I'm having mixed feelings about my E-bike experience over the past few days... This could very well be down to budget, since I have spent less than £600 and for that I'm now the proud owner of:-
B-Twin Riverside Trek 500, Cyclotricity 500W rear wheel, 36v 11Ah Pannier Battery, associated controller and LED panel, and a two wheel steel trailer that attaches to the rear axle.

All of the kit is legit and had pretty low mileage and age (I have the shipping note, for December 2017 and the ODO showed under 550 km!).

So I am wondering if I should retrofit the PAS component from Cyclotricity? Also if the motor is slightly low power, because my experience, even with the assistance setting on 5 (max), is rather inconsistent in terms of assistance. Of course if I use the throttle I am very aware of the assistance, but my understanding is that should be "saved" as much as possible to achieve range.

A more trivial thing I am wondering about is deploying "slime" to my tubes, at least the rear, since I hate the idea of fixing a flat out on the road.

Basically, even with trailer unhitched, riding my E-bike just feels like a tank compared to my touring or road bikes. Several times I have been overtaken by road bikes and I thought that was meant to be a rarity! When I'm climbing on my road bike the E-bikes fly by!

Anyway, had the bike less than a week so perhaps it's early days and I'l get used to it, but I have to say my other bikes are offering more fun generally speaking for now.

Be great to hear the thoughts and opinions from the more experienced folk here - look forward to joinng in from time to time.
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Fat Rat

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Jun 7, 2018
Welcome to the forum

Hope you find what your looking for :)


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Aug 7, 2014
West Sx RH
If the bike is restricted to 25km/h then yes regular/road touring bike riders will be faster and up hill as well with some powerful riders.
Not all hubs are equal some like the Bafang's are pretty impressive and better then others.
Riding about the cut off can take some effort on some hubs as you trying to keep the momentum of 3 - 4.5kg hub rolling, even unrestricted up to 24mph I am caught and passed by strong fit riders.

Cyclotricity 500w is not legal unless it has 250w marking.