Review ADO A20 review for 150kg fat b'stards.


Finding my (electric) wheels
Aug 14, 2021

After a few false starts (shock supplied new was rusted as hell), finally got out on the ADO A20 for a proper run.

I'm 150kg, so 30kg past the weight limit for the bike. I expected immediate snakebite punctures or instantly collapsing pedals to be the main issue, but so far, it's suspension. And at my weight, this isn't a complaint, just a report.

For a person my weight, the suspension will bottom out and grind against mudguard AS SOON AS YOU SIT ON THE BIKE.

Mudguard removed, what happened next was the cable from front light to battery will grind against tyre under light braking. I dismantled light to move it under shocks so as to feed it OVER the shocks, but the cable is then too short to turn bike in both directions.

One cable snip and then splice in a short length of PC power lead later, and I have it routed over shocks now.

On my lengthier ride this evening, I find that the tyre STILL rubs against underpart of front shock, under moderately hard braking. Easily fixed each time it happens, with a little sort of bunny hop on the front, but, not good for the tyre. Gotta either lose weight, or get a thinner tyre (or both). Any recommendations?

Apart from this, it's surprisingly spritely. I unlocked 23.5mph, and turned throttle control and superquick pedal assist delay on. But I read everything I could pre-purchase, and was prepared for disappointment, still. But the 350W motor gets me up most hills by itself, and with a bit of EASY pedalling (I'm amazingly unfit right now), gets me up at decent enough speed too.

Even the stupid steep hill under a motorway bridge nearby, leading to a train station, with pedalling, I wasn't even out of breath. I weigh over 23 and a half stone, I have arthritis, I have zero fitness, and I wasn't even breathing minimally hard.

So if you're a human whose ass is so big it has it's own postcode, get an e-bike. It's fantastic.

Cost £684 including VAT, from UK supplier.

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Nov 2, 2016
Beds & Norfolk
...the 350W motor gets me up most hills by itself...
I'd be wary of doing that - the current draw given the load is such that something will overheat or melt!

But I'm glad to hear you found something that (fork aside) suits your needs and budget in the end.
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Jun 7, 2012
Epping Forest, Essex
Well done fella! If you keep it up then you will find that (due to a high starting weight) that your weight will drop like a proverbial stone... this will put less stress on the components and your knees ;-P

Keep your legs spinning; a small amount of input from you will reduce the load on the motor and thus the amps (aka burn/melting potential) so attack them there hills!

Posted as someone who is currently tipping the scales at just under 20stone but has been as high as 22stone....
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