Bikeebike receved my payment and never delivered


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May 20, 2022
Hi Guys,

Just wanted to warn all, I made a purchase for a 500W motor and a 550 Wh 48 V battery from Bikeebikes in Dec 2020 and never received anything until now May 2022. Bikeebike took from me 955 euros and never delivered. Always an excuse that they have not got the parts and they never refunded the money, even when I requested it they just told me to wait.

Please be warned these guys don't deliver, I wouldn't trust them, It has been two years and I think I have lost my money.


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Aug 7, 2014
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Try him on ES the founder of bikeebike has posted on there as "pilot engineer and has posted in this thread, but appears to have gone quiet since 22\09\2021.
'' 1.7kg 1000w mid drive - Endless Sphere (

Not a very good sign though if they refuse to acknowledge you.

I think they are like swytch at the beginning, who took the money but products weren't forth coming. Swytch got though got there in the end.

bikeebike are meant to be developing a 1.7kg mid drive and looks like the attention may be in that direction.
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